新汉语水平考试HSK 4级 全真模拟题 ( New HSK Model Exam Papers Level 4)


Compiled by Foreign Language Teaching And Research Press, this series includes three sets of model questions compiled by authors referring to previous authentic examination papers of new HSK (level 4). This book also consist of listening materials in MP4 format to help readers learn better. It is a very useful material for teachers and students who wish to take HSK examination . This book will help readers understand the format and procedure of HSK International Mandarin Examination.

suitable for : HSK examination candidates

The selling price is RM22 with a total of 97 pages.


《新汉语水平考试全真模拟试卷 HSK 4级》由中国外语i教学与研究出版社编制。书内包含由编者针对过往汉语水平考试真题考卷,经过筛选与讨论后编制的模拟考题。书内除了三份模拟考题以外,也附上 MP3 光碟。这本书不仅可作为汉语第二语言教学与培训相关领域人员参考,而且也适合即将赴考的考生作为熟悉考题型、考试流程的入门工具书。


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