《HSK 五级标准教程 上册》(附光碟)HSK Standard Course Level 5 vol 1


HSK Standard Course Level 5 vol 1

Beijing Language and Culture University Press

COMBINATION OF TESTING AND TEACHING- The series covers 100% of the HSK Syallabus and is 100% consistent with the HSK Test

SCIENTIFIC AND WELL-ARRANGED- The grammer points are carefully divided and implicitly connected, pronunciation and characters are taught in a step-bystep progressive manner.

PRACTICAL AND EFFECTIVE- The books provide genuine and practical materials and cultivate efficient learning strategies.

DIVERSE SITUATIONS- The short texts and dialogues in various situations help reduce the difficulty in learning and increase exposure to a wide range of the language.

NATURAL AND HUMOROUS- Humorous sentences from the past tests reoccurred, and the styles of language and pictures match those of the HSK test.

HSK is named after Chinese Proficiency Test. Since the day it was founded, the number of candidates has gradually increase as the years go. It has draws a large number of candidates from either China or overseas countries who has deep love towards Chinese culture to register for the exam. This is because HSK serves as the Chinese International Education Discipline. In order to help these candidates to have a comprehensive use of Chinese in an all-round way, hence, HSK Standard Course is written. HSK Standard Course Level 5A is mainly aimed at the comprehensive use of Chinese in the aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition to that, the written ideas and layout of HSK course is varies from level to level as it is written after have a review on common problems faced by candidates in the previous years. It aims to help the candidates to familiarize with the questions before sit for exam, meanwhile to promoting learning through examination. Other than comprehension text, new words and grammar’s examples, it also contains word choice and exercises. In doing so, candidates may apply what they learned. The CD as attached in the book allow students to answer the questions fluently especially in reading and writing part. In addition to that, it also allows students to put more efforts in listening part, meanwhile to train their ability to listen to Chinese. If you are preparing for HSK 5, this is the book that you shouldn’t miss! This is the book which is highly recommended by the many HSK education people too!

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推荐书:《HSK 五级标准教程 上册》(附光碟)


考试结合-100%覆盖HSK考试大纲,100%吻合HSK 真题题型。


实用有效- 表达内容真实实用,培养有效学习策略。



HSK 全名为“HanyuShuipingKaoshi(汉语水平考试)”。汉语水平考试自创立以来,无论在中国或海外,都吸引大批热爱中华文化的考生报考。HSK作为汉语国际教育学科,面对众多考生,有关当局为了帮助考生在全方位提高汉语综合运用能力,于是编写了这一套《HSK标准教程》。《HSK五级标准教程 上册》有六个单元,每个单元主要针对学生听、说、读、写的综合运用能力。这套HSK教程的编写思路和体例因级别不同,也在参考了往年考生面对的共同难题下,以此为依据而编写。目的在于帮助考生在考试前能熟对习题,以考促学。本书除了有课文、生词、词语例释,也提供词语辨析和练习,供考生学以致用。本书所提供的光碟,除了让学生在读写方面能对答如流,也让学生在聆听方面多下功夫,训练自己聆听汉语的能力。若您正在备考 HSK五级,就更不能错过这本多位HSK教育人士都极为推荐的书籍了!


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