《汉语A+ 下册》(A+ Chinese vol2) IGCSE Revision Book


IGCSE A+ Chinese vol2 IGCSE Revision Book

A+ Chinese is a 2 volume set designed for Chinese learners in secondary schools.It’s target readers are candidates of GCSE/IGCSE, IB, SAT and Australian Mandarin Exams who have approximately two years of Chinese learning experience and a mastery of about 400-500 Chinese words.This set includes two volumes with 27lessons in all. The lessons explore topics from various aspects of daily life. In fact the series also covers essential vocabularies that has been chosen based on the basic and most commonly used words in a variety of official exams. All the exercises are designed to improve the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing to ensure a balanced development. In fact, the book also provide diverse exercises for students to study more of the mandarin language at home including answer booklet and CD of recordings.

The selling price is RM 42 with a total of 158 pages.

Suitable for : Candidates of GCSE/IGCSE, IB, SAT and Australian Mandarin Exam

Published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press

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《汉语A+》是中学汉语教材,适用于学过两年汉语,掌握了400-500词,准备参加GCSE/IGCSE、IB、SAT、和Australian Mandarin Exams等汉语考试的学生。本书分为上、下两册,并将考试官方常用词汇融入各种练习中。此外,为了增加学生的学习兴趣,以及加深学生对中国文化的了解,编者也融入了多个与青少年有关的时尚、校园生活话题。编者也在书中加入了听、说、读和写的部分,使学生能够在学习汉语的道路上得到平衡的发展。书中为了帮助学生自习,提供了检字表、参考答案册和听力练习光碟。


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