About Edu Mandarin

We Care About Your Chinese (Mandarin) Language

EDU Mandarin is an exclusive learning center for learning mandarin as a second language. It is fully owned by the Mandarin Discovery Private Limited Company. We started our operations by renting a classroom around KL areas since the early year of 2005 when the mandarin learning culture is yet to be popular in the market.

Mandarin Discovery Private Limited (1066400-M) was established on 16th October 2013. It was successfully registered as the “Pusat Perkembangan Minda EDU Mandarin” (BZ3G973) with the Education Ministry of Malaysia in running the educational programs.

Our head quarter is located at Taman Melawati and we do have branches in Petaling Jaya, Taman Tun, Shah Alam & Kajang. We are specialized in teaching mandarin as second language for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. We provide the services as follow:

1. Mandarin course for beginner who is without any Mandarin language background.
2. Mandarin course for Malay students who enrolled in the Chinese primary school.
3. Mandarin enhancement course for those who have limited Mandarin learning background.
4. Chinese character course for those who can speak and understand Mandarin but couldn’t read the Chinese character.
5. Online learning via Skype for those who wish to learn mandarin but are staying too far away from Taman Melawati.
6. HSK exam (Chinese Proficiency Exam was conducted by the China Government) services. It is inclusive of the trial exam, registration and per-examination consultation.
7. Selling the Chinese learning materials (books and CD), exam-related book and CD and others (mandarin learning related materials)


Edu Mandarin Teacher's Profile

Ms. Chow Kim Siew

周 锦 秀 硕 士

► Master Degree in Medical Science (Public Health), University of Malaya
► Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology, University Putra Malaysia
► Diploma in Learning Disabilities Management and Child Psychology (Teacher College, UK) (2015)

9 year experiences in teaching Mandarin as a second language and 1 year teaching experience in the government secondary school and Chinese primary school.

Mr. Ching Jin Yih

钱 进 逸 硕 士

► Bachelor Degree in Arts (Chinese Studies) (University of Malaya)
► Master Degree in Arts (University of Malaya)
► Certificate of Teacher Training (Mandarin Office)(People Republic of China)
►Lecturer of Mandarin courses in University College of Tunku Abdul Rahman (2001-2014)
► 9 years experience in teaching Mandarin as a second language.
(Ching’s facebook:

钱进逸,祖籍福建省古田县大桥镇钱厝村,马来西亚实兆远人,属第四代移民。马来亚大学毕 业,考获文学学士与硕士学位,目前居住吉隆坡,担任拉曼大学学院讲师多年,目前全职从事对外汉语。

Shawna Pang Shei Yee


► 2012/09-2013/06 中国上海华东师范大学 ,对外汉语本科毕业
Bachelor Degree in Mandaarin as Second Language (Shanghai East China Normal University)
► 2010/03-2012/08 马来西亚新纪元学院, 对外汉语教学专业文凭
Diploma in Mandarin as Second Language (New Era College)

Yang Xia Yin


► Native speaker of mandarin language, origin from the city of Yintai (Shandong Province of China)
► Teaching mandarin since she was completing her degree of economics in Australia, and currently teaching mandarin face to face in the city of Sitiawan (Malaysia), as well as online teaching
► 2001- 2003 就读于西澳亚历山大学院 Alexander College of Western Australia
► 2003- 2005 就读于澳洲默多克大学, 毕业于经济系
Murdoch University of Western Australia (Bachelor of Economics)(2015)

Kate Janelle Binns


► 宁夏大学人文学院 汉语言文学师范(本科)(2015)
Ningxia University’s School of Liberal Atrs Chinese Literature (Bachelor) (2015)
► 宁夏大学外国语学院 英语(辅修)
Ningxia University’s School of Foreign Language English (Minor)
► 宁夏大学国际教育学院 助教
Ningxia University’s School of International Studies Teaching Assistant (June 2014-September 2014)
► 2013.09 获CCTV“希望英语”风采大赛宁夏赛区大学成人组一等奖
2013.09 The First Prize In The CCTV “Star of Outlook” Ningxia Regional English Talent Competition


Hu Die


► Chinese teacher, Native speaker of Mandarin language, origin from China Hainan Province.
► Five years in teaching line. Now teaching Mandarin as a second language. Spouse of Malaysian citizen, with working permit.
► Bachelor of Science (Hons) Software Engineering in collaboration with The Nottingham Trent University, U.K. at KBU International College ( August 2004 ).
► Participating in the process Implementation Training for Engineering & Support in July 2005 (ECC International).
► Certificate in intensive English (Advance level) from KBU international college.
► Specialize in
1) GWC conversing in Mandarin;
2) HSK Syllabus (Level 1-Level 6);
3) Business Mandarin;
4) Online Learning of Mandarin language.


Wan Ran


► Native speaker of mandarin language, origin from Beijing
► Based  in Old Klang Road KL 中国公民,北京人,目前居住吉隆坡旧巴生路
► Online Mandarin Teacher 线上汉语课程教师
► 2007/02 – 2011/01  Peking University  Bachelor in English 北京大学英语学士
► 2003/09 – 2006/06  China Medical University Major in Dental Laboratory Technology 中国医科大学牙科实验室技术专业

Lim Chin Yee


► Bachelor of Languages and Linguistic (Chinese) (University of Malaya) (2012)
► Aug 2012 – June 2014 – Mandarin News Broadcast journalist
► July 2014- Present – Radio Broadcast Journalist



► Guangzhou University Grade 3 student, major in Japanese, also learning Korean. 广州大学 大三生。主修日语副修 韩语

►in a short period, had been English home tutor And Korean teacher, as an  volunteer.曾担任短期的英文家教 和韩语志愿老师。